2 Comments on “Contacts”

  1. Simplesmente incrível, única, especial!!!
    Mergulhada no universo La Casa de Papel sem conseguir sair mais…
    Essa série mudou minha vida!!!!
    Seria um sonho fazer parte da equipe de vocês🙏🏻❤️
    Andréa Martins

  2. I have the best idea for the upcoming seasons! Let’s say that the Squad that made the tunnel 5 years ago, that helped Tokyo,Denver,Rio,etc… escape the factory, gets arrested! Nothing to do with the professor, nothing related to him, they just made ther own robery and things went wrong! The ask for help, and Professor replies with a not avaliable at the moment. Till he finds out his unseen for years brother as been arrested in that same prison years ago! The professor makes a plan, a plan made by him to rescued his brother but he will need the help of the factory squad and he will use the tunnel squad as a distraction!
    It’s just an idea, it’s more complex but hard to explain by text!

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